Trump-era Survival Guide

No matter your political stance, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, or Trump neutral, I think we can all agree that right now, people are stressed. And fearful. And angry. Tensions are running high. Since even before the 2016 election, clients were coming into counseling talking about their concerns related to politics. I continue to hear story after story about how it is affecting people and their relationships. I hear about families having blowout arguments, some even choosing to skip family events due to the likelihood for political debate. I hear about people being unable sleep, various groups being terrified of their rights being taken away, fears about the economy and jobs, fears of being physically harmed, and people just being fed up with discussing it.

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The Most Powerful Question We Can Ask Others During Difficult Times

It goes without saying that there is a lot (understatement of the millennia) of political turmoil going on. I know it has been hard on people. It is hard on them as individuals, families, couples, employees, companies, etc. I felt it might be beneficial for me to sit down and write about it as a mental health clinician. As my cursor blinked at me from the blank page, I thought, “What on earth can I write that would be helpful?” Continue reading